Update 16.01.22: Reuploaded booth Reloaded mod files. (Fixed missing arrows in defrag mod. Added new megahealth, red and yellow armor) --- Update 15.01.22: Uploaded a new version of the reloaded mod. Now supporting Quake3e and mods. --- Update 10.01.22: Added a up to date serverlist to the Query server browser. Grab it from the downloads section! --- Update 09.01.22: Added new reloaded mod maps.


Hosting Q3A since 2007


Quake III Arena modification


Q3A Mods / Tools / Updates


Q3A / Map Modifications


We keep this game allive

“It all started back in 2007. Providing the playerbase a working and well configured server was allways a pleasure to do. Seeing players coming back every day and playing against each other to increasing the stats or just having fun, was allways the confirmation i’m doing a good job. Outstanding servers like sod, q3pwnz or the wrongplace kept the classic 1.16n version allive and kicking for all the years.” 

This project and website will provide you with links, files and everything you need to play on the classic version. Get the latest files or chat with friends all arround the globe in our discord. Grab the game, join our discord and get in touch! We will continue hosting servers till the last player has disconnected. In memory of all the forgotten arena soldiers and clans. Long live the one and only Quake 3 Arena !


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