Give your game a fresh new look with this modification for Quake III Arena! Compatible with Quake III Arena 1.16n or 1.32e and modifications. ( unpure multiplayer only, no singleplayer/bots )

high resolution textures
high resolution HUD
high resolution weapon skins
customized shader effects
console / main menu design
weapon / item sounds
modified feedback sounds

Updates version 1.2c

hud icons/numbers (same but looking better)
ingame and menu HD font has changed
new quad and battlesuit effects
improved weapon skins
improved weapons shader
included new reloaded map mods

Updates version 1.3

improved main menu design
improved console design
improved weapon skins and effects
several gfx and sfx changes
new reloaded mod map skins
full 1.32e, OSP, E+ and defrag support

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