This is a modification for Quake III Arena 1.16n i’ve been working on for over a decade now. It works on 1.16n unpure servers only. Check out my Moddb for partial and 1.32 Reloaded mods.


– high resolution textures
– high resolution HUD
– high resolution weapon skins
– customized shader effects
– console / main menu design
– weapon / item sounds
– modified feedback sounds

Updates version 1.1    

– teleporter skin and shader
– lightning gun model and shader
– lightning gun trail and shader
– weaponhits (MG,SG and LG) redefined

– hd textures for thirdparty maps                                         (qztourney,oxodm100,hub3,pukka3tourney2)

– qztourney maps patch  (fixes sound and texture issues)
– changed the noisy q3dm5 computer sound
– included SQuery serverbrowser (up to date servers)
– score-podium shader redefined

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