Suggested settings:

Com_MaxFps 125
Ch_drawspeed 1
Pmove_Fixed 1

Necessary Files:

Opc1 – Training map
Grid – Training map

More tutorials available at planetquake3.net/tricking_it

More tutorials available at www.jats-tricking.de

In-Depth explanation of jumping physics available at ucguides.savagehelp.com

You must be able to strafe to perform any trick at its peak potential. Strafing is the single most important skill that you will need.

Now that we have that out of the way, I must try to explain how to strafe properly. First off you must know that proper strafing will take quite a
lot of practice. You will get frustrated and probably question my parentage before you understand what I’m talking about. We will break
strafing down into a few seperate components and I will explain the importance of each.


– The Take-Off –

is the part that you either make it or break it. Your starting jump will be a circle jump. Since it is impossible to tell you how to jump
I’ll need to make you watch this demo and I will explain it after you are done.

Ok, notice how I face at a 90 degree angle to the direction I intend to go. What I am doing is setting up for the first step in a circle jump. I
face at that 90 degree angle and when I start, I turn my mouse to face ahead and at the same time press forward and the strafe key that takes
me towards the edge… When I hit the edge I jump. What that 90 degree turn did was maximize my starting acceleration. By the time I hit the
first platform I am moving close to 500ups.

Here is the infamous q3dm6 jump… I’ve been getting alot of requests for a demo of that… so here it is!



Bunnyhopping –

Bunnyhopping is simply pressing the jump key before you land, so that you jump immediately again upon landing. You need

to do this while strafing. If you are on the ground for more than a split second you will lose ALL speed.


– 1-Beat Strafes –

This pattern of jumping gives you the fastest acceleration possible. Every time you press jump you should be doing 2 things….

First off, hold forward and do not release until you are done strafing.

1st jump – look left – hold key for strafe left

2nd jump – look right, hold key for strafe right

3rd jump – look left – hold key for strafe left

4th jump – look right – hold key for strafe right


Also available on the OPC forums is a very good tutorial thread for high level single beat strafes.

   – Read the thread here


– 2-Beat Strafes –

This pattern of jumping gives you the most control over your movement. Simply make 2 jumps per

arc of the mouse instead of one.  Useful for when you are moving extremely fast.

Again, hold forward and do not release until you are done strafing.

Jump, Jump – look left – hold key for strafe left

Jump, Jump – look right – hold key for strafe right

Jump, Jump – look left – hold key for strafe left

Jump, Jump – look right – hold key for strafe right


Got it? Remember… You are switching strafe keys when you LAND, not in mid-air.

Switching from one beat to two beat strafes… demo


– Half-Beat Strafes –

Half-Beat isn’t really the correct (well it’s not correct at all) way to define

these, but I can’t think of a better name thats not long and cludgy at the moment.

Camping Gaz seems to be the person who discovered these and

demonstrated them on the map OPC1. Half-Beating is a method of strafing
that doesn’t require you to turn the mouse at all except at higher
speeds to adjust the angle.

The method is fairly simple, though it requires more finger work than “normal” strafing.

First off… load up OPC1 and begin your starting Circle strafe onto the first platform.

facing the same way you landed (it should be about 45 degrees from
straight ahead) and hold forward and strafe in the direction you are

DO NOT turn the mouse to face the other way… you’ll be
looking off the side at an angle. Strafe the opposite way you are
looking and let go of forward at the same time you press strafe.

Strafe in the direction you are facing again and press and hold forward…

Strafe in the opposite way to the direction you are facing, and let go of forward again…

4 or 5 jumps, you will need to move the mouse back and forth slightly,
gradually getting wider and wider as you continue to gain speed.

Continue this pattern until you figure it out.

I advise watching the demo first.


Read more about half-beats on the OPC Forums


– Inverted Strafes

These are odd, to say the least. This method of strafing requires that you NOT use the forward key! To perform these, circle-jump onto the first
pad (land so you face to one side about 60 degrees) and then hold strafe in the opposite way you are facing (ie: if you are facing off to the
left side hold in right strafe) and let go of forward at the same time and jump (just like you would to begin half-beating.) To get to the
second pad, look the opposite way to the way you were just facing and hold strafe in the opposite direction that you are now facing and jump.
For the third pad face the opposite way again and hold strafe in the direction opposite that which you are facing and jump. As you move
farther along DECREASE your angle so that you face inward more and are making smaller and smaller movements of the mouse.

There is a ton of finger-work involved in this one and its not going to get you anywhere fast either, but its fun to try :^)

Thanks to tox|k for showing me these.



– Promode Strafing –

Promode strafing is pretty much identical to the normal Q3 strafing, with the exception that you can steer in the air by just holding the strafe keys
(to the direction you want to turn) and turning there. You can also hold down just the forward key, but this way you have to turn a bit more,
but it works all the same. The differences between these things is that when holding only one key (forward, strafes or backwards) you gain speed
VERY slowly, if at all. But when strafing exactly as in normal Q3, you gain speed much faster.

– Promode Special tricks –


     – Ramping –

Rampjump is a trick which is seen in Quake 1. If you run up a ramp and jump, the forward speed is redirected to upwards speed according to the angle of
the ramp and your speed. You can also jump at a ramp and sort of ricochet from it.

     – Double Jump –

Doublejump is a trick which is most used in promode 1on1 matches. Here is how it works. In promode if you jump once, and then jump again immediately
after that, the second jump will be a lot higher. The timing for maximum height is 400 milliseconds roughly. So you can also combine this trick
with the normal circlejump by jumping on a small ledge and then doing a circlejump from it all in this 400 ms timeframe.

     – Stair Jump –

Stairjumps work with doublejumps. You run up the stairs, jump once and then do a circlejump from them. This particular trick is used frequently in 1on1
pro-mode matches.

     – Teleport Jump –

Teleport jumps use doublejump too. If you jump just before entering a teleport and then jump after you come from the other side, you gain the extra
height as well. This is also used frequently.

– Jumping Tip –

Do not
hold in the jump key, simply tap it. If you hold in the jump key whilestrafing, you can lose up to 30% of your maximum acceleration.

– Promode tutorials courtesy of mew

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